Unable to add folder to Symform

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Unable to add folder to Symform

Post by Wallsy77 » Thu Jul 02, 2015 11:55 pm


I have been trying to add new folders using the Symform web app within the QNAP TS-659 PRO II device and when selecting the folders I get the error unable to apply changes. The selected folder then shows in the web section for added folders but when checking the sync status it shows as no sync performed.

When chacking the node.config file it contains the entries for the folders but when the folders are removed from the web interface they are still preset in the config file. If the file is manually amended and those entries are removed any activity within the web interface seems to restore these erroneous entries.

QNAP firmware version is 4.1.4 (Latest I believe at the time of the post).

Symform app version is 4.26.7

I had the issue with the config page not working due to SSL on the QNAP device being enabled which I believe has been an issue for a while. I can't believe this is still outstanding. Also why is there a disparity between the version of Symform software that they provide compared to the symform softwre provided by QNAP.

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