Please help :( I'm at a loss and basically have my network down.

QNAP NAS solution for server virtualization and clustering/HA/FT
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Please help :( I'm at a loss and basically have my network down.

Post by dastrix » Sun Apr 28, 2019 6:16 am

Hi All

Im going to burn this thing to the ground. I'm over it. I dont get why this is so darn hard.

I have a QNAP 880 with 4 x 1GB and 2 x 10GB NICs.

I've installed pfSense. My HFC modem which provides my WAN IP is configured into a Cisco Catalyst switch on VLAN 100. Another port in this same VLAN plugs into E1 of the QNAP which I've assigned to a Layer 2 Bridge Virtual switch. The QNAP and pfsense see the WAN IP address allocated.

For the LAN, I have 1 x 1GB interface into VLAN1 ( which is allocated as pfsense LAN and plugged into the Catalyst switch.

Internet is working, although its incredibly slow. Something is wrong with the way the LAN is configured I suspect. Potentially because of the use of 2 Virtual switches.

I suspect because its to do with having 2 interfaces in the LAN segment. The reason I need two , is the 10Gbit link from the NAS to the Switch forms part of another link to another switch. I want the QNAP E1 assigned to the WAN of pfsense (DHCP), the QNAP E2 to the LAN of pfsense (, QNAP 10GBit to the LAN (

If I look at the pfsense host, it shows its interfaces are on the 10Gbit link. HOW!?

Why is this so harD?

Can someone please help :( im lost and have spent hours and hours to no avail

Thank you!
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