Laptop in and out of office

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Laptop in and out of office

Post by pdeee » Sat Jun 29, 2019 3:02 pm

Hi there. New to QNAP but I"ve setup QSYNC and am testing for a customer at the moment. I've got the QSYNC running with differing access levels which will be good for their office. I've dabbled with the myqnap cloud functionality as well and that seems to work in that I can configure a remote computer to use the qsync client to the appropriate account. This will work well for users working from home or offsite.

What I"m wondering is what should I do for users who have a laptop and are in and out of the office? If I configure those laptops to sync using the cloud version of the NAS they'll have degraded performance in the office surely because they'll be loading their files from the INternet instead of the NAS box located in the same office they're in.


edit: I can see an option in the qsync setup that says "Automatically select best connection method". If I configure the qsync client on a laptop to use the cloud connection does this feature get it to connect to the NAS locally when they're in the office?

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