Finally surrendered!

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Finally surrendered!

Post by Beemer2 » Fri Aug 23, 2019 5:04 am

After many hours over the last few months trying to get QVR Pro to work satisfactorily with my Dahua varifocal cameras I have given up. Motion Detection using either QVR Pro or the cameras does not work as it should. Recording is either constant or has random blank periods and events are not shown on the timeline. Also having to mess around with a browser plugin that had to be reloaded was a pain.
So today I have installed a Dahua NVR and its suite of software. My NAS will provide backup.
I had of course read all the relevant problem posts here about QVR Pro motion detection and its other issues. I was sure I could fix it or the developer would issue an upgrade that would be worthy of being associated with QNAP but I was wrong. Anyway, one saving is that I have reclaimed 4.7TB of storage that was allocated to QVR Pro.
TS-453mini, 8GB, 4x4TB, Raid5

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