No system default gateway

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No system default gateway

Post by MushyMiddle » Wed Jan 01, 2020 11:07 pm

Hi. NAS is a TS253Be running the latest QTS ( Adapters are configured for LACP, and Container Station is installed with a couple of containers (Unifi Controller and PiHole). DDNS is enabled.

All of this was working when I shut down the NAS at house 1 and moved it to house 2. In particular, DDNS would correctly register the NAS via myQNAPCloud.

When I brought the NAS online at house 2, initially there was no Internet connectivity, but service was installed within 24 hours or so, and connectivity is OK from all of the network. However, the NAS shows as having no default gateway (Network & Virtual Switch / Network / Interfaces), and DDNS can no longer reach the Internet.

Using SSH, ping works via "-I br0" to the outside world (e.g. I've verified that the switch/interface has the correct default gateway specified.

When I try to configure the system default gateway, "Auto-select..." is checked, however there is an error saying "No adapters can reach the Internet". If I try manual selection, there are no selections available.

Everything else is working OK, so I'm really not interested in de-configuring things and setting up again from scratch.

Any thoughts on how I can force the NAS to use br0 as the default gateway interface?


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