Long term experience with Notes Station 3 ?

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Long term experience with Notes Station 3 ?

Post by mr_bart » Tue May 19, 2020 4:35 am


A couple of weeks ago, I've started to take notes in Notes Station 3 in addition to One Note.
I installed Notes Station 3 as I guess it's a newer version than Notes Station (2).
But what is the difference? Why are there two versions?

I've noticed that some notes, containing pictures seem to have a problem: Instead of some of the pictures, there is just a symbol (see screenshot). I can click on it and on some symbols it will show me the original picture. On others it won't. However if I export the note as pdf, all pictures are included. Not so if I print the notes.
Originally when I had created the note, all pictures were shown correctly.

Now I'm unsure if I should use Notes Station for important notes. Is it reliable?
Does anybody has long-term experience with it?

Where are the Notes Station files located on the NAS?
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