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QVR Face Insights Event URL

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Hello! I've been trying to trigger a third party application via an event URL in QVR Face Insights, and with the exception of triggering QVR Pro (which introduces a 4-5 second delay) I cannot get ANY third party URL to work. I've tried:
- Triggering the third party app directly
- Creating a web page with a meta redirect tag
- Creating a web page with an iFrame that goes to the desired URL
- Creating an IFTTT task with an inbound maker URL and an outbound to the desired URL
- Using a URL shortener
- Using the direct URL to the device

Every one of these works through a web browser, and none through Face Insights.

Literally none of these work, they all are in the log as failed to trigger. I don't understand how even just loading an IFTTT task fails...if it was an issue with the device I'm trying to connect to, IFTTT isolates that and is just a simple web call.

Any help would be appreciated!
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