IDrive LOGIN Sequence

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IDrive LOGIN Sequence

Post by FlaParrotHead » Sun Sep 17, 2023 5:17 am

IDrive Users:

Three Questions (Currently running 2.06.04)

1) I assume that IDrive 2FA is not supported for QNAP Application Users (I seem to hang during login if enabled)

2) Is there a way to simplify the login sequence when opening the app from within QTS. At this point I am prompted for my QNAP Administrator logon (although I am already logged in as an administrator) and then I am prompted for my IDrive login. Why are these credentials needed each and every login?

3) OK - one more - while I originally defined my backup folders a year or two ago, I do not see any option on the IDrive menu (once signed in) to ADD another folder to the default backup job - I must just be missing it.


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