Video Station behaving very strangly.

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Video Station behaving very strangly.

Post by kisacat61 » Sun Sep 17, 2023 5:52 pm


Running Video Station 5.7.1 / QTS 5..1.1.2491

Video Station has stopped working correctly. I think this is since the last upgrade, but not 100% sure. This:

It loses upgrades to the catalogue made through VS.
It cannot play mp4s which it used to play just fine - for example plays them as a sound file only, or says it cannot play the format or cannot find the file.
I have trouble uploading new video content. The files appear on File Station, but Video Station cannot find them, or if it can, cannot play them.
On some newly uploaded files when I hit Play in VS, it uploads the file onto my PC!

The whole catalogue just seems corrupted in some way.

I have tried uploading some files again, but this doesn't seem to correct things. I've download and installed VS from the App store again, but this doesn't cure anything.

I only use my server as a home server for music, photos and video - very simple out of the box config. I know nothing about UNIX.

Any ideas what's going on and ghow do I fix it? All of the media files are backed up elsewhere.


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