SuiteCRM suddenly stopped working (TS453A)

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SuiteCRM suddenly stopped working (TS453A)

Post by wingers574 » Tue Sep 19, 2023 1:55 am

I have had SuiteCRM running on my system without any issues for around 5 years. I update data from time to time. No major customisation. It just worked. Until just now. I am now getting a 500 error. I have the latest QNAP code on my system. Not upgraded or done anything to Suite CRM. I can get WordPress to run on Apache on the TS453A, and the web app phpMyAdmin works, I can access and login to the Maria Database. That is still there. I have no other symptoms apart from SuiteCRM no longer running. It is not in a container, it is located in the web folder as a subdirectory. I also created another folder off of the web root and put some simple html in there and that works as well. So everything indicates that Apache is running ok, but the application itself is crashing.

I was curious if anyone had any suggestions, or was aware that one of the recent upgrades has reset some security parameters which might account for why it no longer works?

Thanks for reading this.

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