Exposed Host in Docker with VLAN

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Exposed Host in Docker with VLAN

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I hope this is the right forum.

I have a TS-531 and use it also to run some Docker-Images.
To separate the clients and two different DMZ I use VLAN in my network.
Here is what I like to have:
My subnetworks:
DMZ1 :
DMZ2 :
Clients :

QNAP interface is connected to DMZ1 directly (without any VLAN-tagging) IP:
Docker-App_1 in DMZ1 with IP:
Docker-App_2 in DMZ2 with IP:
both as exposed hosts

On my switch the port with my QNAP is configured for VLAN 10 (DMZ1) direct without VLAN-tagging and VLAN 20 (DMZ2) with VLAN-tagging.

What have I done:
Created a Docker image Docker-App_1 as exposed host and bind it via virtual_switch_1 to the physical interface to DMZ1
I added the VLAN 20 to my interface. Added a virtual switch (virtual_switch_2) with the binding to VLAN 20. Created Docker image Docker-App_2 as exposed host connected to virtual_switch_2 connected to my VLAN 20. -> works.

Unfortunately the virtual_switch_1 lost its binding to thy physical interface ( and as a result Docker-App_1 lost connection to.

My question:
How can I bind virtual_switch_1 again back to the interface without re configuring my complete network, the the switch using tagged-only packages on that port?
Or had I done any failure in the configuration, that I am not able to bin the virtual switch to the interface?

I hope I made it clear, what is the problem

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