TS-464 Will not use Google Coral TPU?

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TS-464 Will not use Google Coral TPU?

Post by stoopalini »

This is a new NAS I just set up a couple of days ago. It has 16GB of ram, two 1TB M.2 Seagate 980 Pro SSDs in a RAID 1 for the 1st storage pool (system volume), three 1TB Seagate 870 EVOs in a RAID 5 for general data storage, and a single 18TB Seagate Skyhawk AI drive for surveillance data.

The system is running QTS build 20230322 and BIOS version Q07SAR09

I have about 70k photos and 3200 videos loaded. The initial indexing, AI recognition, and thumbnail creation took about 15 hours to complete.

After that was done, everything looked ok except Video Station did not have any thumbnails. I did a bit of searching on this, and decided to go ahead and just purchase the CAYIN license. After installing and activating CAYIN, I could then manually generate thumbnails in Video Station one at a time.

I also purchased a Google Coral TPU, the USB version, and installed this into the USB 3.1 port on the back of the system.

The TPU LED is solid and it shows up in hardware resources, as well as in Multimedia Console and QuMagie ... showing "idle" or "stopped".

So I kicked off a thumbnail rebuild, now that I have CAYIN and a TPU, but the system is not leveraging the TPU for any of the AI processes. I let it complete (another 15 hours) and opened a ticket with QNAP. They responded about 24 hours later and said to try removing and re-adding Multimedia Center.

So I:
  • Removed QuMagie, then removed AI Core, then removed Multimedia Console ... in that order.
  • Then I performed a restart (ie: shut the system down and booted it back up).
  • Then I reinstalled Multimedia console 1st, the AI Core next, then finally QuMagie ... in that order.
I did all of this with the TPU plugged in to the USB 3.1 port on the back.

Next I opened Multimedia Console and checked the AI Engines page ... the Coral Edge TPU is showing "Stopped" at the top right. I also checked Hardware Resources, and the TPU is showing Idle. The TPU settings show "Multimedia Console" as the only application listed.

Then I opened QuMagie and checked the settings ... the TPU is showing up as stopped.

Then I re-added the content source to QuMagie and everything seems back to normal at this state ... so I kicked off thumbnail regeneration again.

Still no luck getting the TPU to start up.


I let the processes finish again (still about 15 hours).

After reading the details for enabling the TPU here: Coral TPU: Getting Started, I wondered if maybe the system may be missing some of the Coral TPU packages or runtime, so I connected VIA WinSCP and ran a search:
I'm not a Linux expert by any means, so I'm not sure if this is telling me anything at this point though.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get the system to use the TPU for the AI processes? I'd eventually like to use QVR Face with QVR Pro, but would 1st like to ensure everything is functioning properly. And since the Multimedia AI processes don't seem to be able to use the TPU, I don't want to move on with the surveillance stuff until I sort that out.

Thanks for any input!
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Re: TS-464 Will not use Google Coral TPU?

Post by jblongz »

Also wondering as I was looking up the TS-464 and the TPU is in my shopping cart. Did your issue resolve yet?
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Re: TS-464 Will not use Google Coral TPU?

Post by bhafresh »

I have a TS-453D and experiencing similar problems. I think QNAP does need to update packages for coral. I would email the QNAP service team to log it.
I reached out to QNAP and they noticed that the TPU unit would keep connecting and disconnecting to USB, essentially it would never get going.
LED behaivior on the TPU is solid when active (which is always on with power) and Breath when working. My Tpu would never go into breath and the time of AI activities on the NAS would actually be way slower with the TPU attached (probably keeps trying and then reverts to NAS CPU).
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Re: TS-464 Will not use Google Coral TPU?

Post by tuleggi »

same here, it shows running for few seconds then stopped -strange no? on a HS251+
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Re: TS-464 Will not use Google Coral TPU?

Post by kabammi »

I have a qnap ts-462 with a google/Coral M2 type TPU.
It shows up in the Hardware resources, but qmagie shows it as "stopped".
In Multimedia Console, in the AI Engines tab, it says "Coral Edge TPU: Stopped".
Under "AI Recognition Accelerator" it says "Internal GPU: Stopped".

I'm not sure how to "start" the TPU in these apps!
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