Mixed drive class in TS-h1090FU

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Mixed drive class in TS-h1090FU

Post by hservaas »

I am looking for a 1U unit that I can host two pools of disks.

I would like to use M.3 drives in a RAID6 for VM storage for ISCSI target.

I would then like a second RAID6 pool of SSD SAS drives in an SMB for backup and file sharing.

Will using mixed drive types in the TS-h1090FU cause any bottlenecks for the faster storage?

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Re: Mixed drive class in TS-h1090FU

Post by dolbyman »

What are M.3 drives ?

The TS-h1090FU has 10x2.5" combo slots for NVME U.2 or SATA SSD, it has no SAS
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Re: Mixed drive class in TS-h1090FU

Post by QNAPDanielFL »

Is there a reason why you want to use a Mix of M.2 and SAS SSDs rather than just use all U.2 or U.3?
SAS SSDs often cost more than U.2 SSDs and U.2 SSDs are faster.

TS-h1090FU does not support SAS SSDs.
If you were mix SATA SSDs and NVMe SSDs in the same pool that would not be good for performance.
You can have a SATA SSD pool and an M.2 pool(using a U.2 to M.2 converter in each bay).
But given the cost of U.3 SSDs, why not go full U.3?
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