TVS-882ST not booting (displays only "SYSTEM BOOTING")

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TVS-882ST not booting (displays only "SYSTEM BOOTING")

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my TVS-822ST hangs when starting with the message "SYSTEM BOOTING" in the display (fan is running, no HDMI output, no beep can be heard).
The "Intel Clock Bug" doesn't seem to be the problem. According to the specs, an i5-6442EQ is installed, so the problem probably doesn't occur.

As a test, I also completely replaced the memory with compatible RAM and removed all expansion cards and hard drives, unfortunately without success.

When I open the case and turn it on I see three LEDs. When powering on ("SYSTEM BOOTING"), one of them lights up red and two light up green. Unfortunately I can't say what the meaning of the red LED is, but it could be an indication of the source of the error.

Maybe someone here can help me troubleshoot.

Here are two photos of the LEDs described above (1. location of the red led and 2. leds after system start):
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Re: TVS-882ST not booting (displays only "SYSTEM BOOTING")

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No, you were supposed to open a ticket not post in the English forum ... m-booting/
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