No Access to File Share from different Subnet

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No Access to File Share from different Subnet

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Hi Guys,
I've got a strange behavior here, with my TS-653D. It is not possible, to get access to a WindowsFileShare from a different Subnet, eg. via VPN from Home. Name Resolutions works, and this is not a firewall related problem, Port 445 open. On the NAS AD Authentication is active and i try to connect with an User from that ad.
If i use an account which is local defined in the NAS, then it works OutOfTheBox! Same Behavior i have got, in the company but also on different subnet (behind a L3 switch). If i try, any other Windows machine, it also works out of the box, also on different subnets. I've this problem only on the qnap nas.
Any Idea?
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Re: No Access to File Share from different Subnet

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Late answer: did you check routing? Did you check if NAS has enabled IP security and allows only IPs from internal subnet?
Is NAS pingable from home PC?
Usually no need to open any port for access from remote.
At which device is your VPN endpoint?
Some more detailed network information would be helpful.

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