RAID 5 vs RAID 6 ??

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RAID 5 vs RAID 6 ??

Post by norarmontes »

Hi all,

Would love to get your thoughts on the best RAID type for video editing off a NAS system.

I just purchased a QNAP TVS-h874-i5-32G 8 Bay NAS, which I will be populating with 14TB WD Red Pro drives. I anticipate needing a lot of storage for my project, around 100TB… the end goal is to work remotely with other editors in assembling the footage.

All of the footage is and will be backed up multiple times to other archival hard drives.

I’ve heard conflicting things about RAID 5 vs RAID 6 for video editing, and I’m not sure whether losing two drives worth of space in my NAS is reasonable for “safety” since I don’t know how long it actually takes a 14TB drive in a RAID 5 to rebuild in case a drive dies and I swap in a new one right away…

I have also heard that RAID 6 is a lot slower in building and rebuilding. Some people think RAID 5 is a terrible idea that’s doomed to fail, but it seems to me if the data is fully backed up elsewhere the odds of a second drive dying during the time (1 or 2 days ??) it takes for the NAS to rebuild one drive is fairly slim, and even if so, the backups could always be used to redo the whole RAID from scratch…. But since this will be the first time, I create a RAID of any kind, maybe I’m underestimating how much of a PIA this will be in terms of time spent if a second drive failed?

Appreciate your thoughts!
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Re: RAID 5 vs RAID 6 ??

Post by dolbyman »

I always go RAID6, because chances are pretty high to lose a second drive during the rebuild and then you have to restore everything from backups.

In terms of remote work, make sure to never ever ever expose your NAS directly to WAN, always do via a VPN (no that does not cost any money).
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Re: RAID 5 vs RAID 6 ??

Post by howarmat »

As a main NAS I would do RAID6. I have 6x20 and 2x18 right now in my h874 in RAID6 and yes it does take time to rebuild but is still usable during that time. Now for a backup device I would maybe do RAID5 since its just backup as it is.
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Re: RAID 5 vs RAID 6 ??

Post by NoName »

The odds of a second drive failing is increasing significantly with the number of drives you are using. With 7 drives left it is 7 times more probable then with just 1 drive left. And when all drives have same age and uptime, there is a good chance a second drive fails soon after the first failed. To be able to react fast upon drive failure, you should have spare drives anyway.
My reasoning: Only use RAID5 if the additional drive is too expensive or you can't afford the reduction in storage volume for RAID6. Decide for yourself how much your data will be worth for you. I wouldn't worry about additional rebuild time, as when you need to restore from a backup it will take even more time. Write performance is sometimes mentioned as being lower in RAID6, but I doubt you will notice that with todays CPUs.
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