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Re: NetBak PC Agent

Post by allknowingeye »

I am testing NetBak PC Agent as an alternative to Acronis.

I don't see any way to have more than one Backjob at a time on a PC. I normally have many Backup jobs for different purposes. Without that this tool is useless to me and many other people as well.

I also see no way to turn de-duplication off. It is on by default and I should have the option to turn it off.

If we can get this multiple backup job issued solved I can dump Acronis.

I also feel definitely there must be a backup validation option as well. Crazy to not have and it renders the product foolish to use.

I also note I don't see a function to delete the job you created - seems like a mandatory function.
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Re: NetBak PC Agent

Post by antik »

The NetBak PC Agent application (and also HDP 2.1) was released today in its final version.

Source: ... p-solution
Release note - HDP 2.1: ... aProtector

Release note - NetBak PC Agent:
[Important Notes]
- This version (1.1.0) is the official release of NetBak PC Agent following the 1.0.0 beta version. Users of QNAP NAS can now backup and restore their Windows PCs and Windows Server machines with NetBak PC Agent.
- To use NetBak PC Agent, Hyper Data Protector 2.1.0 or above must be installed on your QNAP NAS. For more information, see this tutorial.
- You must update HDP and NetBak PC Agent both to their latest versions. Any USB boot drives created previously must be created again after updating.
- Improved the connection stability between HDP and NetBak PC Agent.
[Fixed Issues]
- Fixed an issue where the backup job may fail with the error message "This PC does not have sufficient memory".
- NetBak PC Agent can now successfully connect to HDP when the Windows PC has a Dynamic Disk.
- Backup jobs will no longer fail if the disk contains bad sections. Instead, the job will finish and a warning log will be created.
- Fixed an issue where the backup job may fail if the device name is not English.
[System Requirements]
- QTS 4.5.4 (or later) or QuTS hero h4.5.4 (or later)
- x86 based
- 4GB RAM (or more)
- Physical device
- PC: Windows 10, 11
- Server: Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022
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Re: NetBak PC Agent

Post by allknowingeye »

I updated both the Agent and the HDP however all of my questions remain. The product is so basic it is inadequate for use with this release. Is there a better way to get product support? Please advise. Thank you.
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Re: NetBak PC Agent

Post by Annex »

So neither Netbak PC Agent nor Hyper Data Protector will let me create a Repository. When it says selected shared folder and I chose on Chose, there are no choices available. I have multiple shared folders and I am logged in as the admin. Creating new shares also makes no difference.

Edit: think I got my answer after a lot of searching, Hyper Data Protector does not support legacy volumes. One would think the software would clearly mention that...
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Re: NetBak PC Agent

Post by jrdurham9 »

I have two Windows PCs being backed up to my NAS using NetBak PC Agent. I was expecting to see both backups using Backup Explorer from either PC, but I can only see the one backup that was created from the PC. Is this the way it supposed to be? Is there a way to see both backups from one PC? If not, it would be a great option to have.
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Re: NetBak PC Agent

Post by Glyptothek »

Beware using this I have 3x PC backed up Had to restore 1 and first time it worked using NetBAck USB and NAS backup - but then I think updated HDR or NetBack on that PC and now USB wont work Says HDR doesnt match version on NAS so effectively backup now useless
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Re: NetBak PC Agent

Post by TomCorbi »

Have latest NetBak PC Agent installed on Win 10. Have HDP Version 2.1.0 (2024-02-26) installed (with Container) on TS-251 server. Backups are failing again and again... Tried 17 times and had only 4 successes. After failure, NetBak tries to do a full backup (in my case 206.64 GB)... Only one incremental backup was successful (26.58 GB). Have not tried restore. Opened ticket and sent diagnostic info and logs. Even after a full backup success, intervening failures, and next attempt at full backup -- the space in backup repository on server does not appear to be reclaimed. I am on my fourth full backup. This product is so unreliable -- and lacking informative error messages -- or advice as to how to clean up after a failure, that it is unusable. In my case, the full backup takes over 10 hours (over WiFi)... Another PC running Win 11 has similar problems, but has gotten a few incremental backups to success. If the user does a successful full backup, why not continue to do incremental backups (as is claimed in the overview of product)?? How does the user reclaim old full backup in HDP space (or will this happen magically)?? I feel like I am wasting time and space on my TS-251... I have no information as to what I might be doing wrong -- or how to even diagnose what I can fix...
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Re: NetBak PC Agent

Post by bancha »


i have been messing with Netbak agent for some time.
I like this idea, its performance is way better than the old netbak software.

However, there are issues:
*the user for netbak agent needs to have admin rights to the qnap where the HDP is running
> i have opened a ticket for this with Qnap support (QS):
QS said, i should create one user for all backups, thus all those pc users do not need to get admin rights

however, if i create one specific netbakAgent admin user,
enter it on the PC within netbak agent,
this conflicts with the logged on user on the pc and the resources pointing to the same Qnap.
i could only solve this by giving the netbakAgent user the same access rights than the logged user.

From a security / acces right point of view, this is madness ....

*netbakAgent also install python v2.7.15 ... a rather outdated version
this version has many CVE entries , Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures !

deinstalling it and installtin the latest Python wont help.
As soon as netbak agent is started, the old version is back on the pc.

I have no anser from QS on this one, yet.

I thought i could save money by not purchasing Veeam etc..... and spend it for other IT services.

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Re: NetBak PC Agent

Post by Boulderchunn »

I've been testing the PC Agent 1.1 for a few months now with very mixed results and have used QNAP support to help resolve why many of my backups never complete with some success. My problem now is that my backup partition on my NAS is full and I cannot find any way to delete old backups from the Agent UI. I have figured out through the directory structure where the actual data is but know that just deleting the folders should reek havoc on the BU catalog within HDP / PC Agent. Does anyone know how to do this? There is no process today that specifies how long to keep a backup and how often to make a new full backup and start incrementals again (or differentials - I'm not sure which the product uses) which should be one of the basic functions in the software. I'll load 2.1 Agent soon but from what I can find, this won't resolve my problem.

The Agent code is not ready for prime time as many have attested to in previous posts, but I hope the the dev team can quickly add much needed basic functionality to the product and fix some of the major issues in the code that are well documented in the forum. I too would like to dump Acronis once this is more stable.
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Re: NetBak PC Agent

Post by SchwarzerPeter »

Ok, i just created an account to post here.
The NetBak PC Agent is virtually unusable at the moment. I noticed serval problems:

- As other users posted the backup fails often. There isn't any useful information given why. It works 1/3 at the time at best.

- If the backup fails it starts back from 0%. Same if you stop it. You can't pause or resume a backup job.

- It won't let you backup any Raid Volumes under Windows 11.

- Sometimes the backup wont even start at all, its just stuck in preperation.

- The software can't connect to your NAS if you changed your network adapter. I.e. if you first did your Backup via LAN and then try the next time over WLAN. There is a automatic setting for the network card but it dosen't function. Quite frustrating if you use a notebook.

Haven't tried to restore a backup, but i don't have high hopes when the backups failes this often.
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