HybridMound files stuck in "cached and waiting for upload" for weeks

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HybridMound files stuck in "cached and waiting for upload" for weeks

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Hi all

I have a HybridMount volume with Dropbox. It has been working normally for some time (over a year at least).

Recently though, files added to the volume since 26 May are stuck in the state "Cached and waiting for upload". The last uploaded file according to the uploads log was on 26 May. No attempt is being made to upload these files, and the files are not present in Dropbox. The cache is not full (~30mb used out of 25gb). Speed test (for the volume, completed from within the HybridMount app) completes normally and reports expected speeds suggesting connectivity to Dropbox is working.

I have quite a few cached files that it would be annoying to lose - especially since I can't find an easy way to get a full list of them (otherwise, I would just copy them somewhere, destroy and recreate the mount, and then copy them back).

If anyone has seen something similar or has any ideas for a workaround I would be very grateful to hear them!

Model: TS-431P2
Sytem firmware: QTS
HybridMount 1.12.4493
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