Adjustable Minimum Fan Speed for Enhanced Airflow and Cooling Performance

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Adjustable Minimum Fan Speed for Enhanced Airflow and Cooling Performance

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Hello QNAP Team,

I would like to submit a feature request that I believe will benefit not only myself but many other users as well.


I have successfully installed an MSI 1650 GPU in my system(TS-473A) and integrated a 10-Gbit card via a riser cable. Everything is running smoothly! However, I see room for improvement in the fan control settings.


The fan settings should offer the following capability:

• Adjustable minimum fan speed for CPU, system, GPU, and power supply


1. Optimization of Airflow:
By allowing users to set the minimum fan speed for the CPU, system, GPU, and power supply, they can optimize airflow. This is especially crucial for users like me who have a fully equipped system and therefore need to manage high heat output.

2. Maintaining System Automation:
Currently, users can only set the maximum fan speed based on temperature or choose from predefined profiles. Allowing for an adjustable minimum fan speed would enable fans to maintain a higher baseline speed while still allowing the automatic control to ramp up when necessary. This strikes a better balance between manual intervention and automatic regulation.

3. Improved Cooling and System Stability:
A higher baseline fan speed would enhance the cooling of components, especially the GPU and the 10-Gbit card. This ensures consistent and efficient cooling, necessary for maintaining full performance under heavy loads. Currently, there is no way to adjust the fan settings for the GPU and power supply, which is a significant issue. Improved temperature monitoring for the power supply would also be beneficial.

4. Better Control of System Temperatures:
The system fan currently responds sluggishly and only at high temperatures, leading to unnecessary stress on the GPU and other components. The ability to set a higher minimum speed would ensure adequate ventilation even at lower temperatures, preventing components from overheating before the fans kick in.

Current Situation:

Currently, fan settings are limited to the maximum thresholds for the CPU, and the system fans offer only three profiles. In “Performance Mode,” the system fan spins at just 590 RPM, which is insufficient for my needs. Increasing the speed to, for example, 800 RPM would make a negligible difference in noise but significantly improve airflow for the GPU and other components.


Implementing adjustable minimum fan speeds for the CPU, system, GPU, and power supply would be a valuable enhancement to the existing fan control settings. It would give users more control over their systems, improve cooling efficiency, and allow for individualized noise levels.

I hope my suggestion will be considered. Thank you in advance for your attention and support!
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Re: Adjustable Minimum Fan Speed for Enhanced Airflow and Cooling Performance

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Re: Adjustable Minimum Fan Speed for Enhanced Airflow and Cooling Performance

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Whatever QNAP support told you is wrong...nobody comes here to check for features

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