Need more storage on TVS-h1688X

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Re: Need more storage on TVS-h1688X

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Hi -
it's not a dumb question if you never did it before.
A QNAP is a computer with a RAID array built into it. The software you are running (QTS or QuTS - hopefully you are using QuTS on a TVS-h1688X) is the software that you use to configure the RAID - just like you would if you had a Mac or a PC or a linux computer. You put the drives into your expander chassis. You then open the Storage & Snapshots application in the QNAP. If you don't know what I am talking about - it indicates to me that SOMEONE ELSE setup your QNAP for you in the past. So you open up Storage and Snapshots, then click on Storage and Snapshots (it's a sub selection) - and you create a new storage pool - RAID 6 with the 12 new drives. Once this is done, this will become storage pool 3 (if you built the TVS-h1688X correctly, storage pool 1 is your operating system on 2 drives, and storage pool 2 is your 12 SATA drives, so this new expander with 12 drives is now storage pool 3). You now go into Shared Folders, create a new shared folder, assign it to Storage Pool 3, and when you click on GO> Connect To Server> smb://yourIPaddress, you will now see the "old QNAP" shared folders, and your new folder.

That's how it works. Seems simple and mindless to me - but I have done it 1000 times, and if you have never done it - I understand how it may seem confusing - especially if you don't have the unit there, and can see what happens in the QNAP menus.

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Re: Need more storage on TVS-h1688X

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Thank you, Bob,

This makes sense. I initially had help setting up my first QNAP years and years ago, but I have since done a lot more exploring and learning with each of my new QNAPS, entirely thanks to the support of this forum. Your steps make sense and I know I do have two pools set up right now (for the OS and the storage), and I should have all my drives arriving this week to set up the expanders.

Thank you again for your help!
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