[ RClone ] [ CLI ] [ 1.42 ] RSync for Cloud Storage

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Re: [ RClone ] [ CLI ] [ 1.42 ] RSync for Cloud Storage

Postby treefiddy » Mon Aug 13, 2018 4:01 am

Hello QNAP_Stephane,

first of all i love rclone. Really great, stable and fast updated software. Thanks a lot for porting it to my lovely QNAP 453a. I use it daily!

I'm using rclone copy to upload files from my QNAP Nas but as soon as i upload files from the non installation drive of rclone i'm having issues with the temp folder. I have changed the --cache-tmp-upload-path but i still get the following error message:

2018/08/12 21:54:41 NOTICE: 39c44dsn8c: Removing partially written file on error: write /root/Private/8o2a4knhk42f1rdc/v59ivg9n8bi5nbule1/1g83crd3e61omb1d39c44dsn8c: no space left on device
2018/08/12 21:54:41 ERROR : somefile.file: Failed to copy: write /root/Private/: no space left on device

The problem is that rclone always uses the root folder of the installation drive, furthermore the root folder does not have much space (QNAP standard configuration).

I'm using the following command:

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rclone --config="/drive1/blabla/rclone.conf" copy /share/drive2/something privatecrypt:Backup/something --log-file=/share/drive1/logfile.txt --cache-tmp-upload-path /share/drive2/somethingelse

BUT it does work with the drive where rclone has been installed. In this case i do not get the error message at all (Also big files but i suppose rclone does not need to cache them separately since the files are already on the installation drive)

Do you have any idea what i am doing wrong here? THANKS!

Thanks a lot for your help!

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