TS-328 and QVR Pro

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TS-328 and QVR Pro

Postby Luke86 » Sat Jul 14, 2018 5:58 am

Hey Guys,
I have a TS-328 and I was expecting to be able to download QVR Pro, however in the App Center it is missing?!
Does anyone have a 328 with the same issue or may this be a bug?

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Re: TS-328 and QVR Pro

Postby OneCD » Sat Jul 14, 2018 6:05 am

Hi Luke and welcome to the forum. :)

The requirements for QVR Pro are:
QNAP wrote:(1) x86-based (64-bit) QNAP NAS with at least 4GB RAM (8GB RAM is recommended for the smoothest usage experience).
(2) QTS 4.3.3 (or later).
(3) Container Station 1.7.2551 (or later) must be installed before QVR Pro can be used.

Sorry, your TS-328 is incompatible with QVR Pro (your NAS has the wrong CPU arch and only 2GB RAM). This is why you won't see it in the App Center. :(

Debian 'Stretch' on my production NAS (TS-569 Pro), with the backup NAS (TS-559 Pro+) to eventually follow. When that happens, I'll no longer use or support any QNAP firmware. Debian powerup/poweroff times are < 1 minute.


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