Rotating AWS access key requires running all backups from scratch

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Rotating AWS access key requires running all backups from scratch

Post by brandon.arnold » Sun Aug 05, 2018 2:10 am

Thanks to some questionable design decisions in the QNAP Glacier app, I've just cost myself ~$100, because I'm going to have to run all my backups from scratch again.

When rotating your secrets, DO NOT change the access key ID and secret on the account that is attached to the jobs. The warning it gives when you edit the credentials:

"Because the account settings have changed, the related jobs will be reset. Do you want to continue?"

This is exactly what is going to happen. The jobs are irrevocably reset.

The correct way to do it is to create a new "account" on the accounts page (that corresponds with the same AWS account) and put the updated access key ID and secret. Then in each of the jobs, go to the "Cloud" tab and update the account to the new credentials.

I've been avoiding this for months because of the scary error message. I will point out there is some ambiguity in the message "the related jobs will be reset;" to this English-speaking user, reset could simply mean that running jobs will be stopped and restarted. At any rate I was aware of the scarier interpretation and I guess my willingness to take the risk and possibly spend the ~$100 put me here. The idea of creating a new "QNAP Glacier account" to correspond with the same AWS IAM user did not occur to me.

Hope this helps someone. Yes, I'm putting in a complaint/suggestion to QNAP Help Desk.

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