XPEnology (Synology DSM 6.2) Virtual Machine on QNAPs Virtualization Station 3

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XPEnology (Synology DSM 6.2) Virtual Machine on QNAPs Virtualization Station 3

Post by rgarjr » Fri Sep 14, 2018 2:32 am




For those not familiar, XPEnology is community project that allows you to install Synology's DiskStation Manager O/S on a regular x86 computer and use it as a NAS. This requires a custom bootloader, usually booted off from a USB flash drive. Some people even have installed it on a hypervisor platform such as VMware ESXi, Fusion, Workstation Pro, VirtualBox, ProxMox so they can run a virtual machine of it, versus dedicating a box and running it bare metal.

I’ve read some Qnap owners have been able to install this booting the loader with a USB flash drive or have the bootloader copied on the internal DOM (flash storage). This of course is running it bare metal on their box, meaning QTS won't be running on the QNAP. This approach is something I'm not interested in doing. Running a virtualized instance of it however, is something of interest.

The other day I was checking out a few YouTube tutorials of people installing XPEnology on VMware Workstation Pro. Following those similar steps and playing around with it, I was able to get it to run successfully on QNAP via virtual machine.

Why Install it?:

Some might be thinking, well why would I want to run DSM on my box if I'm perfectly content with QNAP QTS?
1) You can learn a great deal and get hands on using another great Linux O/S for NAS.
2) Utilize some of the many packages (apps) that Synology has to offer.
3) Give someone in your household complete access to their own personal virtual NAS all for themselves without having to worry about them screwing up your box settings.
4) Host a website on it and not worry about it getting compromised and getting to your personal files.

Juns DSM 6.2 bootloaders:

(1.03b - Based on the DS3617XS) (Compatible with older processors but cannot be updated to latest version)
https://mega.nz/#!glxyHKoZ!Z7vdMcYZO2YY ... veeUXqQJ_M

(1.04b - Based on the DS918+) (Able to stay currently updated with latest firmware as of 3/31/19) but may not be compatible with older processors)
https://mega.nz/#!FspC2aqC!BX0JnmCIBtDT ... FFuKM4gSZ8


1. Import OVF file and the 2 VMDK files)
2. Set the size of the 2nd hard drive to whatever you want it to be (leave the first small hard drive the way it is and don’t use that on DSM because it’s the bootloader, both drives should be SATA), change cpu core/memory allocation settings.
3. Power on VM and use Synology Assistant or find.synology.com to look for the virtual Diskstation on your network and double-click once found.
4. Start initial setup of DSM, create your storage pool, volume, shared folders, etc. (Remember, don't use or create a volume using the small 50MB hard drive since that is the bootloader.)
5. Enjoy playing with DSM and all its packages (apps) on your QNAP box :DD
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Re: XPEnology (aka DSM 6.2) VM on Virtualization Station 3

Post by dolbyman » Fri Sep 14, 2018 2:42 am

video doesn't work .. but you could have put it in here


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Re: XPEnology (aka DSM 6.2) VM on Virtualization Station 3

Post by Moogle Stiltzkin » Fri Sep 14, 2018 2:51 am

rgarjr wrote:

From Youtube.com

Code: Select all


Managed to get 6.2 DSM working by following 2 tutorials. That video is of 6.01 but afterwards tried the 6.2 loader on it.

fixed your youtube link for you :mrgreen:
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Re: XPEnology (Synology DSM 6.2) Virtual Machine on QNAPs Virtualization Station 3

Post by blacksushi » Mon Dec 24, 2018 4:31 am

Did you manage to usb external drive work on dsm ?

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