Few services failed

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Few services failed

Post by Sa9aX » Sat Oct 20, 2018 3:13 pm


I see a few services that are failing connecting on MyQNAPCloud App:

1. Overview - Everything looks ok but in the "Auto Router Configuration" I got "Status" = OK but "Web Connectivity" = Failed

2. Auto Router Configuration:-

Secure NAS Web (443) = Failed - This is already switch on Control Panel, General Settings, Administration.
FTP Server (20,21) = Failed - This is already switch on on Control Panel, Network & File Services, FTP.
Web Server, Multimedia Station (80, 8083) = Failed - Those ports don't work externally I checked my router none of those ports are used.
Selected "Apply to Router" but I don't see any changes I still see failures.
If this failed doesn't this mean I need to use port forwarding on my Router? eg Web Server local port 80 and port range 8083 or 80?


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