QSYNC vs. HOME folder

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QSYNC vs. HOME folder

Post by davidbursik » Sun Dec 16, 2018 4:21 am


I have QNAP TS-251A. I have all my files stored in folder HOME, except multimedia files, these I stored to Multimedia folder.
Yesterday I tried to sync some files from HOME folder with my computer. But in Qsync app I cannot see HOME folder. Why?

Thanks, David

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Re: QSYNC vs. HOME folder

Post by storageman » Wed Dec 19, 2018 11:30 pm

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Re: QSYNC vs. HOME folder

Post by restwzeasy » Thu Jul 23, 2020 8:41 am

Thanks for sharing that link, but it doesn’t answer the question about the lack of sync of the home folder. What’s the purpose of the home folders if they can’t be synchronized?

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Re: QSYNC vs. HOME folder

Post by spile » Thu Jul 23, 2020 2:10 pm

I would create individual users with their own folder. Set up the path in QSync on each users client/login.

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Re: QSYNC vs. HOME folder

Post by IliaTsvetkov » Wed Aug 05, 2020 5:15 am

It's 2020, but this issue is still actual..

It seems that it's not possible to sync the content of the home folder. This is so ...

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