Twonky: About the usage/the setup of the videotree

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Twonky: About the usage/the setup of the videotree

Postby Quattrostelle » Tue Jun 02, 2009 10:10 pm


i don't get how the video tree issue works in twonky media server. on the other hand the way to handle the music tree seems logic to me: all the informations about the genre, interpreter etc. is stored in the xml-file of itunes. so when i set up a musicnod with "interpreter", "genre" etc. twonky finds all those informations in the xml-file. but how should that work with videofiles ? there doesnt seem to be such a thing like an xml-file which contains all the needed information. so when i set up a videotree with a specific nod like "genre" how is twonky supposed to know which videofile belongs to which genre ??

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