Many outbound connections to

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Many outbound connections to

Post by CouchFox » Wed Feb 05, 2020 4:58 pm

Hi Community,

I'm writing to share what I've learned about this because I have seen this question pop up numerous times around the interwebs and I didn't find an adequate answer when I was first researching it.

I was initially quite concerned when I discovered that my TS-251B was being very chatty, reaching out to over 500 times a day, or about once every 100 seconds. What I've learned is that if you turn on pretty much any of the myQNAPcloud services, the device will ping home quite a bit.

For example, if you set up the DDNS service on a QNAP NAS, the device will start notifying of your current external IP address. It does this a lot, so there's no issue finding your device from the internet side, should your ISP change your IP address. That explanation was provided to me by QNAP support, and it makes sense. From my own experimentation though, it seems even logging into your QNAP ID in the myQNAPcloud app is enough to get the outbound communication rolling. What is weird is that when you turn off these services, the outbound communication doesn't stop.

Now that I have a better idea what that communication actually is (simply communicating the external IP address back to QNAP) I'm not so concerned about it. Still, it felt untidy that it should continue even after the services that need it are stopped.

The two possible "solutions" I found are both pretty drastic; either factory-reset the NAS, then do not ever login to myQNAPcloud (which means no DDNS, no external access, etc.) Or, as I did, delete the QNAP ID account entirely. When I did the latter, the NAS automatically disassociated itself from the myQNAPcloud services and immediately stopped the external communication. This is okay for me but won't suit everyone (for example, I can't log back in to close my support ticket - but thanks for the help QNAP team!)

So not a big deal in the end, but I thought I would share back as I've seen others be concerned about all this outbound communication from the NAS.


[EDIT] I should have mentioned - if you delete your QNAP ID, you will lose any licenses purchased with that account, so be aware...

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