QIoT2.0 Node Red settings.js

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QIoT2.0 Node Red settings.js

Post by chris_gla » Tue Apr 14, 2020 2:57 am

Trying to check/ modify settings for persistence (to use disk rather than RAM) and projects in QIoT. I don't see QIoT in container station- is this deliberate?

Using "system-docker exec -ti qiot-node-red bash" I don't find an editor- is any installed? VI would be fine!

Is there a way to access the QIoT filestructure from File Station?

It's clear QIoT has been well firewalled- but as I'm only really using Node Red with MQTT & https, Influx & Grafana I'm wondered if the Node Red docker container is more suited than the QIoT package?


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