Recovery? QNAP Failing to POST?

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Recovery? QNAP Failing to POST?

Post by autolux » Sun Apr 26, 2020 1:30 pm


Had a QNAP (TS-45x) running as my media centre for a few years (latest QTS & support supplied firmware). Went to access it recently, and it was off (it's never off except for update reboots). Pressing the power button did nothing, no fan, no sounds, nada, just won't post.

Have removed drives, done a basic check of things like replacing RAM & CMOS battery, nothing. Power on does nothing for 4-5seconds then status light goes red, and slowly blinks every 2secs or so on and off. Could be the external PSU I suppose, but it seems fine, and I don't have a second one to check...

Have contacted support. FAQ & Forum searches tell me this is most likely RAM (def not RAM) or system board, which I'm assuming means back to base for an out-of-warranty servicing ie. system board repair/replacement?

My main question is, where does this leave my 4x8TB hard drives and my RAID10 array? I'm assuming the data is ok?

My present assumptions are; I could slot the drives into another TS-45x or other compatible model, and away I go again... But also I should be able to just mount the array under a linux box or something to check? I don't have one setup atm, but I can put something together.

TBH, my thoughts are if the data is okay, a replacement or similar makes sense, but if I can get the data now and its easy to move it to a linux box and run there or transfer away I might do that and wait a while.

Any reccomendations/guides for either troubleshooting or checking my array drives? Cheers!

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Re: Recovery? QNAP Failing to POST?

Post by dolbyman » Sun Apr 26, 2020 9:37 pm

1st of all .. that's why you need to have external backups at all time

2nd there is a couple of complicated steps you could do to read the drives (maybe) depending on what the volume config was (static or thin/thick) the forum

probably best to buy a new NAS and migrate the disks over (upgrade new NAS to the latest firmware first via qfinder)

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Re: Recovery? QNAP Failing to POST?

Post by salee » Wed Jul 29, 2020 8:15 am

Any resolution with this?
I've had the same issue. TS-253Be stopped working, so I checked it and it was silent, but with green status LED. I had to unplug it to turn it off, and now I can't turn it on. Nothing happens. After a few seconds, the Status light blinks red every few seconds. Motherboard toast?

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