DownloadStation5 Torrents Immediately Fail

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DownloadStation5 Torrents Immediately Fail

Post by cosmarchy » Sun May 24, 2020 3:18 am

I am trying to get my DS5 working with a VPN only to find that I cannot download anything at all as all torrents immediately fail at 0%:
It may have something to do with my VPN perhaps. I have QVPN installed and I have configured a client connection to my VPN provider:
The strange part is that there are no connection logs created and everytime I click away and then back on to the VPN Connection Profile tab, the uptime counter resets and starts again. According to the actions column on the right hand side, I am connected as I only get the symbol and option to disconnect.
The interface only shows in the Outgoing Interface section under overview if it is connected. The upload and download counters both show 0b so nothing has been up or downloaded!!

Under the App Center I have DS5 configured to use the VPN connection.

I downloaded a torrent so that I could check the IP address to ensure it was using the VPN but this doesn't appear to be doing anything either although it doesn't show as failed.

So, I have three questions:
1) how can I check my VPN for connection and find it's IP address?
2) how do I check my torrents are using the VPN connection?
3) how do I configure DS5 so that it stops downloading if the VPN fails and it starts again if the VPN connects?

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