Virtualization Station 3.4.5; RAM deduplication/overprovisioning broken?

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Virtualization Station 3.4.5; RAM deduplication/overprovisioning broken?

Post by drdope » Thu Jul 16, 2020 4:49 am

Virtualization Station 3.4.5
( 2020/07/15 )
[Important Notes]
- Downgrading Virtualization Station 3.4 to an earlier version is not supported, and is likely to cause unpredictable issues.
- VMs exported from Virtualization Station 3.4 are only compatible with Virtualization Station 3.4 and later versions.
- The SeaBIOS version has been updated. Reinstall the QXL function from the Guest Tools CD for VMs that use the QVM feature or QXL video drivers.

[New Features]
- Added support for Windows Server 2019.

- Upgraded the following components related to compatibility, performance, and security:
- noVNC 1.1.0
- SeaBIOS 1.13.0
- Guest Tools ISO

[Fixed Issues]
- Reserved snapshots that were unlocked could not be selected.
- Service ports could not be configured.
- Copied backup files could not be selected while restoring VMs.
--> ... hoose=QKVM

Hello guys, I'm running vStation on a TS-677 (R7-1700; 64GB; QM2-2P-384 with 2x 1TB Samsung EVO970/RAID1 as System Drive and 3x 1TB Samsung 860EVO/RAID5 for local Backups).
I just updated from vStation 3.4.4
[New Features]
- Added memory optimizer for sharing memory and allocating dynamic memory between multiple VMs.
to vStation 3.5.5 and this feature isn't working anymore.

I've reinstalled Guest Tools (as suggested above) on all my Windows-VMs (8x W10Pro) and updated my Ubuntu 18.04-VM to the most recent Patch-Level an rebooted them all, but memory optimizer isn't working anymore.
Tried rebooting the QNAP itself, but "memory optimizer" still ain't working.
I've double checked the memory-settings on all VMs -> there the same as before (= which where working fine in 3.4.4.)

Anybody out there who's experiencing the same problem?

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Re: Virtualization Station 3.4.5; RAM deduplication/overprovisioning broken?

Post by Trexx » Fri Jul 17, 2020 3:52 am

I would suggest opening a QNAP Helpdesk ticket on this. Sounds like a bug.

How do you like the QM2/NVMe SSD's btw? I have been thinking about adding them to my 877.

Model: TS-877-1600 FW: 4.4.3.x
QTS (SSD): [RAID-1] 2 x 1TB WD Blue m.2's
Data (HDD): [RAID-5] 6 x 3TB HGST DeskStar
VMs (SSD): [RAID-1] 2 x 500GB Evo 860
Ext. (HDD): TR-004 [Raid-5] 4 x 4TB HGST Ultastor
RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury 64GB DDR4-2666

Model:TVS-673 32GB FW: 4.4.3.x Test/Backup Box
Model:TS-228a FW: 4.4.3.x Test/Backup Box
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Re: Virtualization Station 3.4.5; RAM deduplication/overprovisioning broken?

Post by drdope » Sat Jul 18, 2020 4:15 pm

The QM2-upgrade was a bit underwhelming; i was hoping to speed up our Firebird-DB-Server (running in one of the W10-VMs) with it, but it's still "slow as **".
Seems to me like a software issue with our business-software, since all bottlenecks are removed now.
We went from an 4x 1TB Samsung 860EVO/RAID5 (system & vms) and 2x 8TB WD Red HDDs/RAID1 (local Backup) to the current setup above and the only things that are running measurably faster are lokal backups from the QM2-Array to the Sata-SSD-Array (as would be expected); local external backups (2TB 2,5' USB 3.0 HDDs) and offsite replication via VPN also remined the same (limited by HDD-speed & upload-bandwith).

I'm still ok with the upgrade, as i needed one 1TB Samsung 860Evo and the 2x8TB WD Red for my private NAS anyway and the cost (if bought new) where roughly the same, so it was worth a shot.

PS will open a ticket on monday, when i'm back @work

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