vStation Backup / desaster recovery scenario

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vStation Backup / desaster recovery scenario

Post by drdope » Mon Jul 27, 2020 5:15 pm

Hello people,

i finally found time last weekend to run a desaster recovery testscenario on our TS-677.

I assumed the following case:
- TS-677 not easily fixable defect (e.g. broken Motherboard), which also screwed the drive setup
- a TS-877 as a spare was available including ssds/hdds
- all data had to be recovered from existing external Backups
- a somewhat recent (few weeks old) backup of the TS-677 System-Settings existed

The recovery process all went well, except some problems surrounding vStation/VMs:
VStation had to be reinstalled on the new system volume
-> all settings were gone including vm-specific uuids, backup-settings etc, which resulted in having to import the backed up .img files manually instead by vStation backup/restore
Now the problems started -> i could only import the *.img itself, but not the also existing snapshots belonging to *.img.

e.g we run a daily backups of our DB-Server-VM, so on Saturday the *.img was from Thursday-evening and a snapshot from Friday evening existed.
By restoring the *.img from Thursday we effectively loose a full day of work, which is really bad.

Also 'cause of the newly generated uuids (-> all new virtual Hardware), all Windows-Licenses were deactivated, as were a few other software-licenses -> that's bad too.

Now I'm wondering, if there is a better way to do this?

Any ideas or suggestions?

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