LTO tape backup for NAS?

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LTO tape backup for NAS?

Post by Moogle Stiltzkin » Tue Jul 28, 2020 7:08 am ... t_a_thing/ ... up-network ... ack-up-nas

How to use LTO Tapes to Safely Backup All Your Projects

Why are LTO Tapes Still Big Business? - Buyers Guide

Actually, the opposite is true. In its Tape Technology Update, INSIC noted, “One can think of Tape as an advance RAID-6 system, but instead with a very strong Erasure Code… 1 error event in 1019 user bits versus the best disk can offer which is 1 error event in 1015 user bits, meaning that tape is 10,000 times more reliable than disk based on Bit Error Rate (BER) specification.” LTO tape, with its multi-channel storage and two dimensional orthogonal highly interleaved Error Correcting Codes (ECC) protection, helps provide outstanding data integrity.

Another aspect is the physical reliability of Tape, given its robust hardcase, a tape cartridge can be used as a safe way for transporting data whereas a disk drive has sensitive parts inside that are more susceptible to damage in the event of being dropped or hit. ... hs-busted/

so i was noticing users using many big capacity hdds on their NAS. what would be the most cost effective method for them to backup tons of stuff? is it LTO tape perhaps? :'

It depends on how much data you have that you want to back up.

Other posters have said they have LTO-5 and 6 drives and libraries.

Look at the capacity table here. Assuming you are backing up videos and images which are already compressed you will get the "native" capacity not the compressed capacity.

I am currently using 35TB out of 46TB total space. I currently stick 6 hard drives in an external SATA dock (4 at a time) and backup. With LTO-6 tapes I would need 15 tapes. Using LTO-5 I would need 24 tapes. No thanks.

If my SATA dock dies I can replace it for $150 or use $15 SATA to USB adapters and power cables to access data immediately. If the tape drive dies it will be thousands of dollars unless you get a good deal again like some posters here.

With a little patience there may be even better deals. Got a 24-slot tape archive with two LTO-6 drives for 450 EUR (so about 1/10th of the typical used price) off eBay recently. (I assume the guy checked the price for the archive and didn‘t realize that was without drives.)

Do note however that a £350 drive with even super cheap £14 tapes would only pay off at >36TB.

Below that WD MyBook 10TB drives are better value (and much more convenient too).
reddit has some interesting discussions on the topic :)
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Re: LTO tape backup for NAS?

Post by dolbyman » Tue Jul 28, 2020 7:19 am

So how do you backup to LTO then ?

I know QNAP used to sell LTO and RDX versions of some NAS ...x82(?). And While RDX could be used as a external USB storage device (unless you want continuous backups over several media swapped in an enclosure) , how would LTO work ?

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