RTRR Configuration Question

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RTRR Configuration Question

Post by Andre_CGN » Tue Jul 28, 2020 8:17 pm


I´m a newby to the QNAP NAS systems and need some help from the communtiy.

We have a TS-EC2480 used as production NAS. On this production NAS is a replication RTRR job configured to syncronise the volume to the Backup NAS.
The backup NAS is localy connected to the network not via Internet or FTP.
Another NAS is used as an archive NAS. To archive folders, they are copied manualy from the backup NAS or from the produktion NAS to the archive NAS.
This is done to free up space on the backup and production NAS.

So now I have a question about the functionality of RTRR jobs, because the are called 2 way sync.
When somebody move files (not copy) from the backup NAS to the archive NAS, are the files also deleted on the production NAS?
I asked because of the 2 way sync.

I tried to show it in small drawns:

Production NAS <<---RTRR--->> Backup NAS ---MANUAL--->> Archive NAS

or is it working like this?
Production NAS -----RTRR--->> Backup NAS ---MANUAL--->> Archive NAS

I want to be sure, because the job was configured not by myself and I have to care not to loose any informations.

Thanks for your help

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