Remote ISCSI Storage Pools disappeared after upgrade

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Remote ISCSI Storage Pools disappeared after upgrade

Post by lzep1968 » Tue Oct 13, 2020 5:39 am

Hi all,

I have TVS-671 with six local disks and a TS-451+ with four local disks. On the TVS-451+, I have two storage pools created and I had mapped those over to two storage pools on the TVS-671 (using the VJBOD feature). The two storage pools showed up on my TVS-671.

I recently upgraded to on both NAS devices and after the upgrades, I found that both remote storage pools were missing from my TVS-671. The ISCSI connection is still active and enabled between the TVS-671 and TS-451+, but there are no longer any storage pools or volumes defined.

When I try to re-create the Storage Pool on the TVS-671, it warns me that it will format the volume, losing all data... which I obviously don't want it to do.

Is there any way that I can re-map the remote storage pools from the TS-451+ without losing the data on those VJOBDs?

Thanks in advance.

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