Is it worth it?

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Is it worth it?

Post by vers85 » Wed Apr 14, 2021 5:41 pm

I was planning on buying QNAP NAS mainly to migrate from Google Photos and my randomly stored family pictures. QuMagie seemed to be a cool alternative, but the low user rating on Google Store made me cautious. Then I found this forum where I can see even more problems with the app and the fact that support doesn't fix them for years. What are the biggest issues with the app right now?
- Auto upload from mobile device doesn't work
- All metadata like tags/facial recognition can be wiped out and there's no way to back it up

Did I miss something? Are there any workarounds to these issues for example syncing the device with google drive and then download to NAS on the schedule? The whole point of moving to NAS was to reliably store my multimedia... Or maybe I'd be better off investing in Synology product instead?

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Re: Is it worth it?

Post by dolbyman » Wed Apr 14, 2021 8:34 pm

There should be plenty of phone apps that can backup your phones data, once your phone is in your lan (or on the go via vpn)

no need for obscure apps like qumagie to do that..just use the nas as a nas

also make sure to never expose your nas directly to the web

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Re: Is it worth it?

Post by Moogle Stiltzkin » Thu Apr 15, 2021 3:35 am

i don't use the android apps as much. there is a review of it on youtube

but i do use qumagie in qts.

If you are expecting 100% perfection, you will be dissapointed. I already reported issues and shortcomings and hope in a future release it will rectify these. One thing that bothered me was when facial boxes were misidentified, you could not edit the box to correctly place it. In a previous early version you could, until that was removed.

but generally it will work. I like the UI and this app in qts definitely has potential especially for a nas that store your pictures, and you want an easy way to find pics and others that are related as quickly as possible.

a more basic experience would be something like browsing your pics on the nas using windows explorer and display extra large thumbnails. You the user would be responsible for sorting those images into folders and making sure they are named appropriately.

qumagie's goal is sort of to have a nicer picture viewer, and also more importantly to identify/classify images based on what category they may fit under, or to find similar pics and associations so the user can quickly zone in on those pics (especially if you did not properly name those pics in the first place). So that is what qumagie aims to do basically.

as ai improves, qumagie may also improve eventually.

if i'm not mistaken, synology's version of this is called moments? or something. they basically have the same goal, but how they do it has their own twist. I don't know how effective synology's version, because i don't have one to play with :(

outside these 2 brands, i am not aware of any other brand nas that has this sort of native app :'

aside from qumagie, they also have photo station. photo station is basically something like a basic version of qumagie. it displays the images from your nas, minus the AI features of Qumagie. Supposedly photostation was to have an major update a year back or so, but not sure what happened. I suspect they are holding it back for a major QTS release in the future.

anyway back to your question. worth it? yes. perfect? no. Also i would get a qnap nas, not just for this reason alone, as i like the hardware, the qts ui management which i'm use to and has enuff advance settings to tinker with.
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