Error code: -71

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Error code: -71

Post by diegofcv » Tue Jun 01, 2021 6:58 pm


I am trying to keep syncing between 2 TS-431XeU, both running the latest version of the firmware (, HBS 3 v 17.0.0512 and I am getting these errors:

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Error	2021-06-01	10:01:54	admin	xx.xx.xx.xx	Hybrid Backup Sync	Job Status	[Hybrid Backup Sync] Failed to complete Sync job: "xxxxxx". Bad port number to an unknown service. Check connection settings. Error code: -71
When I Edit the job, I can connect to the other side with no trouble (can navigate the file tree) and manual sync starts finely.

Any idea on why is that happening?

Thanks, DV

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