QHora features wishlist

Tell us your most wanted features from QNAP products.
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QHora features wishlist

Post by techie614 » Thu Jul 08, 2021 12:04 pm

I just purchased a a QHora router, because some of the VPN features made it appear to be a great value for a SOHO router, but after a few days with it, I find it's lacking a few of the basics. Maybe I'm off the mark here - any opinions, positive or negative are welcome.

Wish list:
Syslog support
Stateful packet inspection - spoofing, DDOS, ping of death, etc,
Email alerts and/or usage reports to the admin.
Ability to do dual WAN on one of the 10gps ports and one of the gigabit ports.
Ability to set secondary and tertiary DNS servers on WAN connections
Ability to release/renew ip address on WAN ports from the QuRouter webpage
More load balancing options for dual WAN
More control over the DHCP server, (set DNS servers, WINS, etc), DHCP reservations outside of the scope
Ability to route specific ports to one WAN port versus the other
Ability to set WAN failover detection method, timeouts, thresholds
More control over the internal DNS server
SMB 1/2 support for volumes plugged into the USB ports
Ability to set the MAC address of the WAN ports
Ability to set the WAP MAC addresses
Ability to list all ports that were in used over the last x number of hours. Helpful for initial firewall rules, and monitoring.
Ability to set a mirrored port
Why all the focus on UPNP? Nobody uses that anymore. If you care about it for NAS integration, allow the user to filter which LAN IP or MAC addresses it's going to listen on.
I've not seen this before, but you have multiple VAPS, so why not - Ability to set one of the VAPs to route through a VPN service. Ex: Nord

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Re: QHora features wishlist

Post by wilson88leung » Mon Aug 09, 2021 1:47 am

Totally agree! I just bought the router to replace my Netgear because QHora has 2 10G Ports.
Really need to have more control on DHCP, like reserve a fix ip to a specific client.
Also for future version if can include a SFP+ port, that would be perfect!

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