TS-639 Pro - Max Drive Size - Raid 6 Storage Capacity

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TS-639 Pro - Max Drive Size - Raid 6 Storage Capacity

Postby Blueskyy » Mon Nov 02, 2009 4:54 pm


I like the TS-639 Pro specs and will be purchasing a unit as soon as possible, BUT.......

I'd like to get clear on max drive size and actual total storage capacity using raid 6. Also QUAP's choice in hard drives.

1. Max drive size in the literature online here is 1.5tb.... but on your compatability list you state 2tb... why and which is the correct answer?

2. Depending on the above answer... what is the maximum storage size with 6 drives in a raid 6 configuration?
Your video here states 6tb using six 1.5tb drives... but if you can use 2tb drives???

3. I dont' have great confidence in Seagate, Western Digital, or Hitachi right now... What manufacturer of 1.5tb or 2tb drives (depending on question 1 & 2) does QNAP have confidence in?


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Re: TS-639 Pro - Max Drive Size - Raid 6 Storage Capacity

Postby petur » Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:38 pm

QNAP follows the HDD release trends... The video and doc may say 1.5TB but right now 2TB drives are out and are supported, and I figure they don't redo the video every time a bigger disk comes out. The compatibilitylist is the definite answer for your question. So 6x2TB is possible....
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Re: TS-639 Pro - Max Drive Size - Raid 6 Storage Capacity

Postby zuup » Wed Nov 04, 2009 3:58 am

I really want to buy a 639 but the lack of feedback from QNAP regarding reported hard drive issues currently makes it impossible. I am referring to for example:

I'm aiming for 6x1.5TB set up in raid 5 with hotswap. (I will eventually upgrade to 2TB disks as prices fall).

The problem, as I see it, is that I have yet to see a definite and clear statement from QNAP regarding which drives actually perform well, since based on the threads above it seems the compatibility list can not be entirely trusted.

I don't have infinite time to investigate this myself and I feel that this is something QNAP should be focusing on, clarifying exactly which drives will perform optimally. Obviously drives come and drives go so I understand QNAP may not want to put a lot of time into each specific model but for me as a consumer, REALLY wanting to buy your product but not being able to due to this particular issue with hard drives, well, it is a big problem and has the potential to make me give up and just forget this beautiful little box called TS-639 Pro.

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Re: TS-639 Pro - Max Drive Size - Raid 6 Storage Capacity

Postby shake-the-disease » Wed Nov 04, 2009 6:52 am

If you are worried just don't buy a WD green drive, buy anything else. I've not heard of any problems or concerns with any other drives in the QNAPs. I take the view that unless there's a good reason to believe a drive will be a problem (the WD green drives may be in that category, thick 2.5" drives are in that category for SS models until testing is done), it's going to be OK. The permutations of testing all QNAPs & all drive models is just not realistic.
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