Qnap big problem! corrupt all my files!

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Qnap big problem! corrupt all my files!

Postby masterpol » Mon Apr 25, 2011 4:13 am

I'm desperate! I don't know why, but the qnap corrupt all my macintosh image files.
for example when i try to open an image disk an error appear (invalid cheksum... ) and the file is corrupt and unusable!
If i copy a new and valid disk images on qnap and after i try to recopy back on a macintosh this problem happens again.
I found this problem with all my macintosh.

what can i do?

i have a qnap 439pro II with 4 disks in raid 5 who replicate all the files in a qnap 219P+ .

all the 2 nas have the last firmware 3.4.2 and now i have 2 nas whit all file corrupted!!!!!! :evil:

pls help me!!!!

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