qpkg uninstallation / vclean up?

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qpkg uninstallation / vclean up?

Postby sapo78 » Fri Nov 11, 2011 10:57 pm


I've had the squeezebox server installed and working fine.

now, I had to reset the nas and after that, I'm not able anymore, to reinstall the qpkg plugin for the squeezebox. :?

after about 25% of installation progress, the following message appears:
"installation failed"

in the system-log, it says:
SqueezeBoxServer 7.6.1 installation failed. The following QPKG must be removed: SqueezeBoxServer < 7.6.

but I don't see the plugin to uninstall....

is there a way or a need, to clean up a database?
is there a batch to uninstall a pre installed qpkg?
or a way to remove all installed qpkg data?
is there another "place" to find information about the qpkg-plugins (folder or so), then under "applications servers / qpkg plugins"?

pls help.... thanky you

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