Qnap vs Synology

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Qnap vs Synology

Postby sorhol » Sat Aug 11, 2012 3:20 am

I have just upgraded from Synology to Qnapl. Hardware and performance is fine but...

The Qnap software - Photostation, Musicstation, apps and gerneral mangement - just ** comparing to Synology....

I will keep my Qnap for performance, but I will have to buy another Synology for the functionality.

I think that Qnap photostation and musicstation is just worthless and can not be used...
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Re: Qnap vs Synology

Postby eppingwest » Sun Sep 09, 2012 1:45 am

I am looking into Synology as well.

Multimedia Station is too slow for 1 user only even with local gigabit LAN access. I do not know how bad it is when more than 1 user access simultaneously on mycloudnas.


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Re: Qnap vs Synology

Postby Moogle Stiltzkin » Thu Oct 11, 2012 5:20 pm

qnap has performance.

I'm very satisfies with my 100 MB/s transfer rate to and fro between my TS-659 Pro II and ivy bridge desktop pc at home over my Linksys E4200 Gigabit router.

Granted that synology has a nice looking GUI for their firmware, but QNAP is bound to catch up with their QTS v4.0
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Re: Qnap vs Synology

Postby jluerken » Sat Dec 01, 2012 9:23 am

It's not a question of a nice looking GUI.
Moved over from Synology to QNAP today with a TS469 Pro and I think already about sending it back.
In the last couple of hours I found so many things not working on the QNAP or totally inconsistent which are super easy on the Synology that I can't believe it.
Hardware and Power of the QNAP are excellent but Firmware 3.8 really ** in areas like iTunes (airplay), PS3 Support, FTP Configuration........(only to name a few things).....

iTunes Server: Did not manage to make it visible on my Apple TV so far. Documentation is lousy and it looks like it's only possible with a 3rd party package

PS3 Support: Twonky..Whatever..Server has a lot of features but why are they not configureable in the normal admin GUI. For every service a new link and port.

FTP: proftd.conf is not saving on changes line "HideNoAccess on" for example. After a system reboot or a change in the GUI a default config is loaded. No idea why this cannot be added in the admin panel and saved?
During bootup the firmware could try to load the new settings and if THIS fails, load a default one but not all the time.
It's extremly tricky to create a user which has a home directory root in an FTP area (ftp user only). Folders show up on FTP and are linked to each other which should not be visible during ftp connection and so on...

Photostation: Switched from local users to own user handling and back to try the settings and now I want to keep the autonome user settings but in Photostation the old users are still shown.
Fine with me but there is no way in Photostation to delete them from the listing. If you have a lot of users on your QNAP this is really disturbing.

UPDATE: Looks like a caching issue. After a while the local users are gone from the list and now the list is empty to fill it with autonome users again. Really strange...

HW Display: How can I make it stay on all the time? Display turns off after booting is done. I want it to be on and maybe showing what the system does or other useful info.

Raid 1 (mirror) of two empty 3TB HDD's took 18 hours!!! EMPTY HDD's. Don't understand this.

...a lot more

So atm. QNAP has the better Hardware but GUI and consistency is much much better on the Synlogy side atm.
I really hope that QNAP is listening to their customers and will release fixes and updates soon.
I do not want to regret having spent a lot of money for a NAS which cannot do easy tasks without readying tons of forum posts and using workarounds on SSH level.

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Re: Qnap vs Synology

Postby Neverwinternights » Wed Dec 05, 2012 7:16 pm

You started by saying that you "upgraded" from Synology to Qnap...that was the first bug...

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